Grab your glowsticks and join Adventurers from around the NNEC Conference for a FREE* Virtual Campout experience in the comfort of your own back yard... or living room.


Our iGlow for Jesus theme focuses on how everyone gets scared- but when we focus on Jesus, the Light of the World, the things that frighten us begin to look less scary. We can learn to Glow in the dark with the brightness that Jesus brings.


We felt this was such an important theme for kids right now- there are so many things that can seem scary to small children who may not really understand what is going on in our world right now (I mean, if we are being honest, do the adults know either?) We wanted to remind them that Jesus was still shining through the darkness!


The activities will include singing, puppet shows, awards, and crafts. The meetings are geared towards families with children aged Pre-K to 4th grade but all are welcome: you do not need to be in an active club to join.

Come GLOW with us!

*There is a small fee for purchase of event patch (optional)


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