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There is something about the sheer magnitude of creation

that perfectly describes the bigness and power and mysteries of God. 

~Matthew Paul Turner


Grab your stuffies, pitch your tents, then meet with Moosejaw Matt and fellow adventurers from around the country for a free* virtual campout.  Get ready to be amazed as we explore some of the wonderful mysteries hidden in God’s creation! 


Meet Susan and Sheep Dog Harry as we learn about some incredible farm animals.  Be ready to work through creation awards with special returning guest, Katie the Puppet.  Along with fun crafts, food and family fun!  

Meetings are geared toward families with children aged Pre-K to 4th grade, but all are welcome - young and young at heart alike!!  Participants do not need to be part of club to join in the fun.  

We can’t wait to learn about the Wonders of God's creation and what it means to us today.

Come Wonder with us!

*There is a small fee for purchase of event patch (optional)


This event is now completed, but you can still enjoy the worship talks.

See links below

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Do you have Amazon Music and want to listen to the iWonder inspired playlist?? 
Click the link to start!! 

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