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In 1925, Joseph Stagg Lawrence, a teacher of economics at Princeton University, and Dr. Clarence WEll purchased land to build a camp for New York/Jersey boys with idea of using students at Princeton as counselors.


Blue Mountain Camp opened in 1927 with 50 boys in attendance.  Later the name was changed to Lawroweld, a combination of Lawrence's name and Weld, the name of the town.  


Mr. Lawrence sold the camp in June 1947 to Northern New England Conference in July 1947, the first Junior Camp for NNE opened with Dr. David Shaw as Director.


Beautiful Camp Lawroweld is nestled at the base of several mountains on a 1,000 foot frontage of Lake Webb.  It occupies over 200 acres of land feauturing a lodge built of weathered field stone and solid rock maple logs.  In the lodge there are two fireplaces; the larger accomodates six foot logs and has a mantle of green Vermont granite weighing three tons.

211008 Camp Lawroweld 2021-.jpg

"Camp Lawroweld is where I gave my life to Jesus."

"The staff are awesome!  They do a great job of keeping my kids engaged with fun and exciting activities while being super safe."

"It's a great place for families to unplug.  There's no cell service or internet access.  It was great to connect with my family for a full week."

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