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Dock and sunrise at Camp Lawroweld

Summer Camp Weeks

Camp Lawroweld is an oasis from the busyness of life and a perfect setting for connecting or reconnecting with Christ!


Jan. 15, 2024
- Registration OPENS for members in the Northern New England Conference (special code required)
Feb. 1, 2024
- Registration OPENS for everyone
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does check-in & check-out work?

Check-in time for campers at Camp Lawroweld is on Sundays from 4:00pm-5:00pm. Please do not arrive before 4:00pm, as our staff are preparing for your arrival. Check-out time for campers is from 9:00am-9:30am on Sundays. It is essential that you check-out on time so the staff can clean and prepare for the next week of camp. If you and your family is not checked-out until after 9:30am on Sunday, your UltraCamp account will be charged $15 per half hour. We cannot accommodate supervision for your junior or teen camper if you have children doing both junior and teen camp. The pickup and drop-off times still apply.

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What activities do you offer?

Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Knee Boarding, Wake Surfing, Tubing, Swimming, Swim Lessons, Water Trampoline, Kayaking, Canoeing, Disc Golf, Archery, Mountain Biking, Gymnastics, Rock Wall, Ceramics, Candle Making, Pottery, Model Rocketry, Baking, Drawing,Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. There will also be large group games at our evening “Big Event” and other specialty classes offered by our staff who have special interests (book club, origami, etc.).

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Do you have a doctor or nurse onsite at camp?

Camp Lawroweld has an RN on site and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all medical needs. Our nurse cares for the distribution of medications at each meal. If your child has allergies that require an epipen, please alert the nurse during check-in. Please do not bring any family member if they have a fever/running a temperature. The fever must be subsided for at least 24 hours before they can come to camp. During check-in, the nurse will check the temperature of all campers and will also check for head-lice.

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My family lost something at camp. What do I do?

Lost and found items are eventually returned to our office in Westbrook, Maine. We hold those items until the end of August. You can contact Barbara Chase ( to see if we have your lost item. The best policy is to check to make sure you have picked up ALL of your belongings before you leave Camp Lawroweld. All unclaimed items are only kept for two weeks following each week of camp. CAMP LAWROWELD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ITEMS.

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What does the Lawroweld Camp Store sell?

Various items are sold at the camp store. You have the opportunity to buy items that help them remember your fun-filled week at camp. You and you family will find a wide variety of items from stuffed animals, water bottles, t-shirts, hats, hoodies. There are also snack items, smoothies, and fresh juices available for purchase.

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Does my child have to take a swim test?

Yes. Your child’s safety is our priority and each camper will take a swim test on the day of arrival. Color coordinated bands will be worn by the camper and indicate to the lifeguards on duty the swimming ability of the camper.

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Do you have scholarships available?

There are limited Campership Scholarships available. Please see our scholarship page on the Lawroweld website for more info.

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What should my family avoid packing?

Camp Lawroweld has a “no technology” policy for junior and teen camp. This includes cellphones, MP3 players, gaming consoles, etc. Please leave those items at home. Be advised thatthe counselors will keep the technology for the week if it is brought and being used. Lawroweldis a place to connect with other campers and enjoy the beauty of nature. Due to safety andsecurity issues we request that all jewelry be left at home. Fireworks, matches, lighters, flames ofall kinds, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, knives, utility tools, and weapons of any kind are notallowed. Should you decide to bring any unsafe items, you will be asked to leave and/or theitems will be confiscated.

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What SHOULD my family pack?

Sleeping bag, pillow, everyday clothes, nice outfit for Sabbath, underwear, long pants/jeans(required), sweater/jacket, pajamas, closed toe shoes & socks, flip flops for the shower, modest swimsuit (no bikinis for girls, no speedos for boys), beach towel, shower towel & washcloth, soap, shampoo & conditioner, comb/brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, water bottle, insect repellent, laundry bag, Bible, flashlight, store money, camera. It’s helpful if children’s items have names written on them.

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Can I send my camper packages?

Yes! We suggest using USPS or UPS. Please address mail as follows: Camper Name c/o Camp Lawroweld288 West Side RdWeld, ME 04285

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What’s camp food like?

You will enjoy three healthy meals each day during camp. Meals served are vegetarian, but may include eggs, cheese and milk. If you have special dietary needs, please communicate these and we will do our best to accommodate. Common meals may include pancakes, cereal,Lawroweld’s legendary granola, macaroni and cheese, pizza, spaghetti, bean and cheese burritos and the like. There will always be an assortment of fruit and vegetables as well.

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What’s your refund policy?

Refunds will be given until midnight 14 days prior to camp. If a cancellation request is made within 14 days prior to camp, a refund will be given, less a $50 processing fee.

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What’s the weather like?

Summer days are warm, and nights are delightfully cool. Trees provide shade for our camp, nestled right on the shore of Lake Webb. The days are usually in the 70s-80’s, with nights in the high 50’s-60’s.

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Can we bring our pet?

We love animals and know you love your pet. However, our policy is no pets allowed onCamp Lawroweld property. Thank you for understanding.

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Are the fees for attending Camp Lawroweld tax deductible?

Since Camp Lawroweld is an overnight camp, fees associated with it are unfortunately not tax deductible.

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