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2024 Facilities Projects

Camp Lawroweld
Online Funding Began:
February 29, 2024
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May 9, 2024
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Many projects need work including: boat docks/ramps, boy's bath house completion, generator install, utility work, roadway upgrade, plus so much more!!
More Details

Boat Ramps and Docks

1. Inspect all boat ramps and docks for snow and ice damage

2. Remove ramps and dock assemblies to facilitate repair/rebuild as required

3. Prior to installation of ramps and docks for 2024 season install new dead men and secure points to facilitate high water and wind damage to dock systems

4. Fabricate pivoting ramps to access docks allowing for variable water height


Boys Bath House Completion

1.    Rebuild according to plans

2.    Install serviceable washers and dryers


1.    Test run generator and move onto new covered pad

2.    Install underground conduit from generator to transfer switch panel and electrical panels

3.    Install and wire generator to panels

4.    Complete and install new chandeliers  

5.    Fabricate and install steel handrails at the front steps to lodge

Whispering Pines Cottage

1.    Complete bathroom trim, install vanity and polyV-match

2.    Replace old PVC with PEX throughout

3.    Repair waste plumbing at left side of building  

4.    Level floors and replace footings and columns under cottage

5.    Repair deck at left side of building

Pathfinder Pavilion

1.    Cut trees for logs to build building

2.    Skin logs and prepare them for assembly

3.    Assemble building

Campus Wide

1.    Inspect, test and design new electrical distribution grid for campus

2.    Separate and add electrical services to provide adequate power throughout the upper campus

3.    Energize second available 200amp power supply for lower campus

Crafts Building

1.    Complete installation of new LED strip lighting in craft side of building

2.    Repair screen door at game room entrance

3.    Replace broken glass with plexiglass

Old Bluebery Cottage

1.    V-match ceiling and walls around the log areas

2.    Install trim and doors to each unit


1.    Bury effluent line from lift pump to tank between Whispering Pines and Boys staff cabin

2.    Install new covers over septic and lift pump stations at Whispering Pine and Boys staff cabins

3.    Inspect, install new or repair gutters and steps in all cabins and buildings around campus

Walker Cottage

1.    Remove sidewalk above existing septic tank to find outlet

2.    Excavate and install new lift tank for effluent

3.    Install lift pump and plumbing to existing leach field

4.    Pour new sidewalk with access holes for all three tank access covers

Roads and Drainage

1.    Install drainage from area around camp store and parking area to flow across lawn in front of deck to the woods

2.    Shim and regrade all roadways with reclaim to be added to heavy water flow areas

3.    Rent 4-ton single drum vibrating roller to compact all driving and parking surfaces

Project Deadline:
May 8, 2024
Funding Completed on:
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